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Ori Inbar

CEO& founder, Augmented Reality.Org

Ori Inbar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Augmented Reality.ORG, a global non-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing augmented reality (AR), and the producer of Augmented World Expo – the world’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the AR industry. Augmented Reality.ORG’s mission is to promote the true potential of AR, and hatch augmentedreality initiatives that offer unique value to its active users.
In 2009, Ori was the co-founder and CEO of Ogmento, one of the first venture-backed companies conceived from the ground up to develop and publish augmented reality games – games that are played in the real world.

Nov. 25, 2020

The Future of AR

Ori Inbar, Founder of Superventures and also CEO and founder of AugmentedReality.org, the organizer of AWE, the world’s most essential AR/VR conference since 2010, interviewed by futurist Trond Arne Undheim. In this conversation, they talk about communi...

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