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Apple are a bunch of dirtbags. But these podcasts are free! And I love them. You don’t have to pay money to listen to them. Only to get them ad free and listen to them a week early. Thanks


A level podcast! Loved the insight.


Best show for me!! I have learned a lots of thing which is very important. Thank you Trond.

Nice show

I will be your regular listener. Really must listen podcast. I have learned a lot. I will recommend. I have given 5 star 🌟 Futurized is Great

Loved it

Ben Covalis was brilliant thought the episode. Very inspiring and motivating speech indeed. I enjoyed a lot. Thank you for this episode.

Amazing guests!

Very recommended podcast! Very useful insights and concise also.

Must Listen

This is a weekly must listen! If you have just discovered Trond’s podcast, do yourself a favor and go listen to all the previous shows.

The show in business, mindset, personal growth

Great podcast , listen to it everyday keeps me on track and knowing where I want to go ! Appreciate it

Great show!

“Trond, host of the Master In Business podcast, highlights all aspects of investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!”


“I listen to every episode religiously! Their production is so good. You get lots of actionable advice mixed with storytelling. The topics are always relevant and up to date, guests are interesting and the audio quality is HIGH. I can’t get enough Amazing show!! Highly recommend.”

My most favorite podcast

Best business podcast ever! This is really wonderful, love the insight and thoughtful presentation!!!!!

Awesome content!

This show is great! Very knowledgeable and informative show!

Very important

I found the show Yesterday. This is very important show. Everyone should listen I think. I listened THE GEOTECH DECADE & really enjoyed. Thank you


I must say this is best ever show i listened. Keep going


I am biggest fans of Trond. He is incredible. I really enjoed this show.

Brilliant, curious, compassionate conversations full of insights

Trond uses his brilliance to be curious in the conversations with his guests, helping bring out tremendously valuable insights. I listen to some podcasts while multitasking. Not this one! That’s because each of the conversations are of great value and relevance to me and my leadership.

Useful for scenario planning

This is a great podcast for leaders who are focused on scenario planning to prepare for future risks and opportunities.

Trond has the pulse of the present and the future

I've heard most of his podcasts and they are rivetting, even if you don't know much about the subject. Great, guiding questions and incisive analysis, leading to absorbing conversations.

Before it’s time

Trond delivers an a-typical introspective look into how society and other societal disruptors play into new societal norms! I value the level of experience and insight Trond delivers to his audience.