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Ken Accardi

CEO and founder, Ankota

Ken Accardi is an experience technology entrepreneur. Ken started his career at GE Healthcare where he held leadership roles in the X-Ray, Service, IT and Business Development divisions. After GE, Ken played leadership roles in ViryaNet (IPO and sold to Verisae) and Tele Atlas (sold to Tom Tom for $4B). He is the CEO of Ankota, pioneering the next generation of home care. Ken holds a BS in Engineering from Bucknell, an MS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Babson.

The Future of Elderly Care
July 28, 2020

The Future of Elderly Care

Futurist and author Trond Arne Undheim interviews Ken Accardi, CEO and founder of Ankota. The takeaway is that the future of elderly care, and home care specifically, is going to be shaped by predictive population health which will prevent and …

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